I currently practice at the prestigious Southernhay Clinic, a multi disciplinary clinic set discreetly in a private Georgian crescent in the heart of Exeter.

It’s located in Barnfield Crescent, the heart of Southernhay and just a stone’s throw from Princesshay, it is Exeter’s only ’boutique’ clinic.


I charge £60 per consultation (1h). The number of consultations will depend on what you come to see me for. For those who just want to make small adjustments, two consultations could be enough, whereas for those whose eating has become disordered and for weight loss more consultations will be needed.

I typical see people trying to lose weight every two to three weeks and disordered eating clients every week.

Packages and other services

Personalised weight loss programme

This is if you are a serial dieter, if you have no “off switch” when it comes to food, if you don’t dare buy bread or biscuits for fear of bingeing on them or if you have tried all the diets only to put more weight on. You may benefit from a different approach when it is not just the food you eat and how much you eat that is taken into consideration but also your relationship with food.

Disordered Eating

If your relationship with food has become skewed I can provide support to put you on the path to recovery. Not only have I had my own battles with food, I have also trained at the National Centre for Eating Disorders to help people who are struggling with food, be they compulsive eaters, binge eaters, bulimics, anorexics, orthorexics etc.

Together we will touch on sensitive issues and explore the right nutritional plan for you so that you eventually can view food as neither friend nor foe and start enjoying your life.

Please note that with people recovering from anorexia I require them to also be seen by a psychologist, that I will need to be in touch with their GP and that may not be able to see them if they are severely underweight.

Ad-hoc advice

I know that sometimes everything makes sense during the consultation and then people get overwhelmed when faced with real life situations: there’s nothing in the fridge, what can I have? I’m going out for dinner, what’s the best option? I’m in the supermarket, Anne said I shouldn’t have that but what about this? Are my portion sizes ok?

If that sounds similar I can be there to hold your hand for an extra £10 per consultation.

Food labelling

Lost in the supermarket? Do you need help deciphering the labels? I can come to the shops with you! £25/hour plus travel costs.

Cupboard overhaul

When is the last time you saw the back of your cupboard? Do you even know what’s there? What’s healthy and what should be ditched? Do you want me to come and take a look? £25/hour plus travel costs (bin bag included!).


I offer writing services to magazines and newspapers and charge £200 per 1,000 words

Group educations/corporate training sessions

I can come to your workplace to talk your employees about how their diet can impact not only on their weight and health but also on their mood and productivity. I charge £140 per hour and can give you a day rate on request.