Prior to the first consultation I will send you a detailed questionnaire relating to your health, diet and lifestyle for you to complete in your own time and return to me before the consultation. Please take time to fill this in as thoroughly as possible so that I can build a complete picture of who you are and where any imbalances may lie.


During the initial consultation, we will first discuss your health concerns, medical and family history, lifestyle as well as dietary likes and dislikes. From this I will explain what the links are between the way you feel and possible nutritional imbalances. We will then work together to create a tailored eating plan based on your tastes and lifestyle that will help you achieve your goals.


Follow-up consultations are to monitor your progress as well as adjust some recommendations when necessary. I tend to see weight loss clients every two to three weeks and disordered eating clients every week.

With nutritional therapy, not all cases require the same number of consultations, some will need as little as two follow-ups while others require a more staged approach.

All consultations are 1h long.

I’m based in Exeter and although I would prefer seeing you face to face I understand we all live busy lives and that it may not always possible, therefore phone, FaceTime or Skype follow-up consultations are also an option.

Tests and supplements

I may suggest laboratory tests to help identify biochemical imbalances and assess nutritional status; whenever possible I will recommend NHS tests to limit your costs. I may also suggest the use of supplements from reputable companies.


It is extremely important that you tell me about any prescribed or over-the-counter medication you are taking so that I can ensure the recommendations I make are not contraindicated with your medication.