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Crunch Nutrition Exeter: Beetroot wraps

Beetroot wraps

Beetroot wraps Those beetroot wraps were a real hit on my Insta feed so I had to put the recipe on here! The slight problem is that I did my classic freestyling when I just go… Read More
Crunch Nutrition Exeter: Breakfast pizzas

Breakfast pizzas

Breakfast pizzas Breakfast pizzas: I like breakfast and I like pizzas so it was only a matter of time before I was to combine them I suppose... I've come to the conclusion that what I like the… Read More
Crunch Nutrition Exeter: Mini breakfast cheesecake

Mini breakfast cheesecake

  Mini breakfast cheesecake Cheesecake for breakfast, what would be more decadent? I suppose you could have cheesecake for breakfast, although it probably wouldn't set you up for the day in the best ways. Having said that there… Read More