Corporate Well-Being

The greatest wealth is health

I’m sure this is no secret to you that the well-being of your employees has an impact on the profitability of your business. We are becoming a nation of sick and mentally drained workers who either have to take time off work because they’re ill or who spend twice as long doing their normal work because they are exhausted.

Smartphone technology has blurred the work and life boundaries and created additional pressure to perform. And ‘leavism’ is on the rise – when people take holidays, not to recharge and have fun, but to catch up on their work.

Of course, diet on its own can’t solve all that (there’s only so much broccoli can do), but what if your staff could feel more energised, better rested and healthier? What if we could spark an interest in their health and well-being?

I can come to your workplace to talk your employees about how their diet can impact not only on their weight and health, but also on their mood and productivity.

I’m happy to be guided by them – what do they want to learn? Understanding food labelling? How to have more energy in the afternoon? How to eat better on the go? How to cook? How to eat mindfully?

I can do both group talks and one-on-one sessions.

Contact me regarding fees
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