Healthy eating with no kitchen: is it even possible?!

Welcome to my new kitchen guys!

My kitchen for the next three months!

We’re having some major work done to our house and we’ve had to evacuate the kitchen. So for the next three months, this, and the fridge, is all I will have 😱

One of my first thoughts was of course, how am I going to keep my social media feeds going?! I’m a panicker, you see. But then, after a few minutes of deep breathing (only kidding, I’m not that bad 😂) it occurred to me that this could become a great exercise: how to eat well without a kitchen? 🤔

I’ve got quite a few gadgets (too many according to my husband) and they help me tremendously in making tasty and beautiful food but what if you don’t have all this? Does that mean you are forced to live on ready meals?

I can tell you already that there will be some ready meals and takeaways but hopefully no more than usual. I’m going to attempt to show that you don’t need fancy equipment to eat well.

I haven’t owned a microwave since I left home, last century, and my friends would tell you that if I have to use theirs I tend to stand in front of it crying for help before I can even open the damn thing 🙄

So it’s fair to say that this is going to be an interesting experience…

There will be sweat, there will definitely be tears but hopefully not too much blood.

Follow me on my kitchen-less adventure and please do share any tips you may have!