My first ever microwave meal: microwave 1/Anne 0

Hurray! I managed to open the microwave! I even managed to produce a decent meal 🙌

My first ever microwave dinner!

It was harder than I thought though and I’m now getting why people buy “ready meals”… I get it now, you put the entire meal in, leave it for a few minutes and there it’s done. I can see the attraction but I’m stubborn you see and I’m a food snob so I don’t want to eat some mush off a plastic tray. Surely it must be possible to cook, no reheat, decent food in that thing?!

The thing is because we don’t envisage to keep the microwave we bought a secondhand one on Gumtree, which didn’t come with instructions 🙄 and since I have no idea of how long things will take to cook, so I cooked everything separately and a bit randomly, which was a bit of a faff.

The rice was easy and quite nice but, note to self, one pouch isn’t quite enough for four people.

The vegetables were also surprisingly easy and nice – thank goodness for the instructions on the back of the packet (first time I even noticed there were instructions). Even with all the waiting around for everything to be ready, they weren’t over cooked 👍

The salmon, however, was a misery! There weren’t any instructions, perhaps because you’re not supposed to murder salmon in the microwave… So it was edible but so, so over cooked! I actually thought it might explode in there and I only left it for 3min (don’t ask me at what temperature, I just jabbed the microwave and hoped for the best). Nutritionally, what’s interesting about salmon is its omegas-3 content but the thing is that omegas-3 are very fragile and therefore aren’t supposed to heated to a really high temperature… I really need to revisit that one!

Still, not bad for a first attempt, I’m quite pleased with myself 🤗

I wonder what I will produce tomorrow…