One on One Consultation

Recovery is a challenge but it’s not as difficult as continuing to live the wrath of an eating disorder

I charge £70 per consultation (1h). The number of consultations will depend on what you come to see me for. For those who just want to make small adjustments, two consultations could be enough. For weight-loss clients and for those whose eating has become disordered, more consultations will be needed.

I typical see disordered-eating clients weekly, while those needing to lose weight every two to three weeks.

If your needs are different, please let me know, I’m happy to discuss this with you.

This fee includes the cost of the consultation and the notes I send you afterwards, but also the time spent preparing your case before we meet. I provide reasonable email and phone support for queries between consultations, but reserve the right to charge for time if a higher level of support is required.

Disordered Eating

If your relationship with food has become skewed, I can provide support to put you on the path to recovery. Not only have I had my own battles with food, I have also trained at the National Centre for Eating Disorders to help people who are struggling with food, be they compulsive eaters, binge eaters, bulimics, anorexics, orthorexics, selective eaters etc.

Together we will touch on sensitive issues and explore the right nutritional plan for you so that you eventually can view food as neither friend nor foe and start enjoying your life.

Please note that with people recovering from anorexia, I require them to be seen also by a psychologist, I will need to be in touch with their GP and I may not be able to see them if they are severely underweight.

Weight management

As controversial as it may be, I see people who need to lose weight alongside those who need to put weight on. Their battles might be different, but their suffering is the same.

If you’re after a quick fix to be ‘beach ready’, I’m not your woman. But if you need to lose weight because it’s affecting your health, if have you type-2 diabetes and are confused about what you should be eating and most importantly if you don’t want to embark on yet another diet, then perhaps we could work together.

My approach to weight management is based on changing your relationship with food, tuning in to your hunger and satiety, learning to plan, re-evaluating portion sizes and understanding what’s keeping you stuck.

It may not be a quick process, but it will be more sustainable.

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