One on One Consultation

Recovery is a challenge but it’s not as difficult as continuing to live the wrath of an eating disorder

I find that disordered-eating clients benefit from weekly engagement in order to keep the momentum going, as very bite can be a struggle.

I charge £395 per month.

This includes:

  • Weekly sessions
  • Regular monitoring in between sessions
  • Personalised advice
  • Liaising with care providers and/or family members when required

This fee also includes the notes I send you afterwards and the time spent preparing your case before each session. I provide reasonable email and phone support for queries between consultations, but reserve the right to charge for my time if a higher level of support is required.

Later on in your recovery, you won’t need weekly sessions so we will adapt the frequency of the sessions according to your needs.

If your needs are different, please let me know, I’m happy to discuss this with you.

Disordered Eating

If your relationship with food has become skewed, I can provide support to put you on the path to recovery. Not only have I had my own battles with food, I have also trained at the National Centre for Eating Disorders to help people who are struggling with food.

Together we will touch on sensitive issues and explore the right nutritional plan for you so that you eventually can view food as neither friend nor foe and start enjoying your life.

I find that the best approach is that people receive not just nutritional advice but also psychological and medical support.

Please note that I may have to decline people who are severely underweight for safety reasons.


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