School Talks

The food you choose to eat or not eat doesn’t make you good or bad

I can come to your school to talk to the pupils about healthy eating as well as body image.

The rate of eating disorders is steadily growing, and unhealthy beliefs about food and body image can start from as early as six years old and more commonly around the age of nine. It’s crucial we start discussing those issues before problems arise. We live in a digital world and our children are bombarded with images of perfect bodies, perfect lives, perfect food, perfect workouts etc., and we need to help them understand that these are mere chimeras.

We need to change the way we teach children about healthy eating. Too often it is presented in a black-and-white fashion, with some foods ‘good’ and some ‘bad’. This can plant the seeds of an unhealthy relationship with food.

I understand that schools are doing their best to teach children to feed themselves better in the face a growing obesity problem, but let’s do it properly. Let me help your kids make sense of it all and teach them what “healthy eating” really is. I offer healthy eating and cookery classes for children of all ages.

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